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Drain & Sewer Services in UAE

The best drainage specialists in UAE for all types of drainage services near you including drain cleaning, drain repair, drain installation, drain CCTV survey & drain jetting.

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Experienced UAE Drain Specialist

Drain Pro is equipped with a skilled, hardworking, and experienced drainage repair team.

fast drain repair services UAE
Fast Drain Repair Services UAE

We provide our customers with quick and prompt repair services for their drainage systems.

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Guaranteed Drain Cleaning UAE

We reach out to ensure our customers are satisfied with our services and offer our best services.

24/7 drain repair services UAE
24 Hour Plumbers UAE

Drain Pro's services are always open for you. We can come and repair your drainage system anytime, anywhere.

best drain repair services UAE

Your Residential And Commercial Local Drain & Sewer Experts For Drain Cleaning, Drain Repair & Drain Sewer Pipe Relining Across UAE.

Drain Pro has highly trained and experienced individuals in our team, who are capable of repairing all kinds of drainage issues quickly, providing reliable service to our esteemed customers and clients. Drain Pro lies amongst the well-reputed drainage repair and maintenance companies, entrusted by many. Drain Pro has the best drainage repair services in town. Our team works to avoid any circumstances that can arise due to broken down or unkempt drains. A proper drainage system is required to sustain the well-being of your surroundings. Stagnant or overflowing water can cause many health and property damages. To detect and tackle these issues, our team works hard and effectively.

UAE Drain And Sewer Experts

You can rely on Drain Pro experts to maintain, inspect & repair your drains & sewers system across UAE and get it back in full flow.

Drain Repair UAE

Drain Repair UAE

Our company, Drain Pro, provides quick and efficient drain repair and maintenance services, to avoid any further damage to your properties.

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Drain Installation UAE

Drain Installation UAE

We install high-quality drainage systems and pipes for you. We have the best team of technicians to do so.

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Drain Cleaning UAE

Drain Cleaning UAE

Using high-quality chemicals and products, we clean your pipes, drains, and sewers. We get rid of all obstructions in your pipes and unclog wastewater drains.

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Drain Jetting UAE

Drain Jetting UAE

Hydro drain jetting ensures the safety and long life of your pipes while cleaning them. We, at Drain Pro provide you just that at eloquent costs.

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Drain Survey UAE

Drain Survey UAE

To inspect your drainage system for the identification of any damage caused to your pipes, our team is the best.

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Sewer Pipe Relining UAE

Sewer Pipe Relining UAE

We reline your sewer pipes for effective results of your sewage system. This helps you to save a good amount of money used in replacing the drains at your property.

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Hire Reliable Experts For All Types of Drain Services in UAE. Our Experienced Drainage Specialist Provide Drainage Solutions To All Your Drain Blockage Issues, Drain Sewer Relining, Drain Repair, Drain Installation & Drain Cleaning.

At Drain Pro we offer effective sub-service solutions to address your drainage needs for your home or commercial sites. Drain Pro has your drainage needs covered for your Commercial & Residential Property. There are many drainage product options. Our expert staff will assist in finding the right solution for you and your property. We can design and build you a drainage system that will keep your property in great shape for years to come. Our expertise covers far beyond the common residential drainage problems such as Flooding, Standing Water, Stormwater Run-off & Soggy Lawns. Contact Drain Pro today, our on-staff drainage expert can recommend and install a drainage solution that's right for you!

Drain And Sewer Services UAE

Drainage Contractors in UAE

Drain Pro are experienced Drainage Contractors based in the south. Our drain experts will identify your Drainage Requirements & Manage the drain build from design and trench excavation to construction and connection. Drain Pro are leading drain construction specialists covering UAE. We are able to adhere to fast turnaround times for problems where speed is of the utmost importance and can liaise with our established contacts within the industry to make life as easy as possible for our customers. We are able to offer advice, reporting, and Contracting Services for a huge variety of environmental and drainage issues.

UAE Drain Repair

There are many ways that a drain can become cracked or damaged. In many cases, a drain may have only incurred minor damage like Small Cracks, Unstable Joints, or Tree Root Damage. Our drain repair experts at Drain Pro can quickly fix this. We are the experts in drain repair services, working with both commercial and domestic customers. Contact us today at Drain Pro for a comprehensive range of Drain Repair Services. We can also repair using no-dig technology, drain relining, or when needed, drain excavations. We can carry out a range of drain repair services that can be conducted to fix the damaged drains, these range from isolated repairs to drain lining.

Our Drainage Solution in UAE

At Drain Pro we offer the following drainage solution in UAE:

  • UAE Drain Installation
  • Drain Cleaning in UAE
  • UAE Drain Jetting
  • Drain Survey in UAE
  • UAE Sewer Pipe Relining
  • Yard Drainage Solutions in UAE
  • UAE Backyard Drainage Solutions

No matter what is wrong with your drains or the size of the property, our engineers are experienced and qualified in delivering a range of drain solution techniques. We have the skills and equipment to fix a wide variety of drainage problems, from blockages and debris removal to cracked pipes and collapsed drains. Whether you are on a large Commercial Premise or in a Residential Property, Drain Pro is here to help.

UAE Drain Installation

Drain Pro provides customers with high-grade drain installation services for projects of all sizes, from the whole house remodels to small upgrades. Drain Pro provides Drain Installations for Commercial & Residential Properties across UAE offering customers cost-effective solutions to their drain installation needs. We provide a drain installation service that is minimally disruptive and highly effective.
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Drain Cleaning in UAE

At Drain Pro we offer comprehensive Drain Cleaning Services using high-pressure water jetting units that are built into our vans. We also offer a preventative drain maintenance program that ensures the drains are always working at their optimum efficiency and reduces the risk of disruptive and expensive Drain Blockages & Sewer Blockages occurring. We provide our professional drain cleaning and maintenance services throughout UAE.

UAE Drain Jetting

At Drain Pro we pride ourselves on being able to offer you a friendly and professional Drain Jetting Service. We care just as much about your drainage requirements as you do and it is because of this that we offer a 24-Hour Service & 7 Days A Week. All our Drain Pro professionals have the equipment and the expertise to deliver our full range of drain jetting services across UAE.
drain jetting solution in UAE

Drain Survey in UAE

Our drain surveys at Drain Pro are performed by members of our expert drain survey team and carried out using High Tech Drain Inspection to identify and diagnose the issue. Once we have discovered the problem, we will use our expert knowledge to solve your drain issues safely and efficiently. Even better, using a Drain Inspection Camera is much more convenient and environmentally friendly in comparison to taking the entire drain apart.

UAE Sewer Pipe Relining

From flushing toilets to washing dishes, your home plumbing is constantly used. If not properly maintained, the wear and tear can create punctures or cracks in the pipes. Your Sewage & Drains are one of the most used plumbing units in your residence. Any cracks or breaks that appear should be immediately addressed. At Drain Pro, our skilled leak detection specialists have the technology and methods to provide non-invasive Pipe Relining Services. Our process is effective, affordable, and reliable.

Yard Drainage Solutions in UAE

Drainage and grading are an obvious concern in rainy climates, but even in areas with little rainfall, proper grading can prevent problems such as water puddling in the landscape or drain towards the foundation. The professionals at Drain Pro are ready to address your Yard Drainage needs. While the causes of yard drainage can vary from home to home, there are a few methods that we have successfully used over the years that can improve the Overall Drainage that is happening on your property.

UAE Backyard Drainage Solutions

The Drain Pro backyard drainage solutions are designed to make life easier for our customers to give them a stress-free experience while providing Long-lasting, durable results. With our highly trained plumbers and some of the most well-equipped work vans in the industry, we have got the formula for one of the best backyard drainage solutions in UAE.
backyard drainage solutions in UAE


What type of maintenance is required for my new drainage system?

Our goal is to install the lowest maintenance system available to accomplish the goals required.  Some systems will require zero maintenance. Others may contain products that require very simple maintenance

What will happen if I ignore drainage system problems?

Ignoring issues with your drainage system or issues caused by a lack of a drainage system can lead to many problems for the homeowner that can affect both their yard and residence. More seriously, improper yard drainage can lead to water intruding into the home, opening up the possibility of serious structural damage.

Which drainage solution is best for my property?

Different yards have different needs depending on a variety of factors such as the degree of water damage, the average precipitation in the area, and the nature of the problem. To determine which drainage system is best for your property, a professional contractor will need to provide a thorough inspection of the yard. The Drain Pro drainage contractor can then provide a plan for the best drainage system to service the situation, with the variety of different drainage system options allowing for flexibility depending on budgeting and individual desires and needs.

What are the different types of drainage system solutions available?

The most popular drainage systems include French drains, catch basins, channel or trench drains, and sump pumps. A more complete list of drainage system solutions includes Flo-Wells, atrium grates, pop-up emitters, rounded grates, and terracing, as well as soil grading services.

Praise From Our Happy Clients About Our Drain & Sewer Services

Hassan Al Kareem

Required work on tub/shower tap that had not been residential property diverting all the water to the showerhead. Drain Pro plumber was set up to show up between 1 to 2pm and also arrived at 1:00 pm. He put on a mask as well as put on handwear covers at my demand. He took less than 5 mins to examine the task then most likely to work when I oked the quote. Job was quickly finished to my complete satisfaction. Can't get far better than that.

Abdul Rahim

We had no cold water in our shower room. Drain Pro group was really professional and also clarified what they required to do to repair it. Rate was extremely practical. Shown up on schedule as well as tidied up after them. Magnum opus! Kept their mask on at all times. I would highly recommend Drain Pro firm.